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UpdatedJune 1 2024
Current VersionV8
Requires Android4.1 and up
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Have you also been bored of the regular surfing experience of Instagram which offers you no new features nor any privacy? Are you also sick of the unnecessary limitations and restrictions imposed by the Instagram app which limit your user experience and prevent you from enjoying the app to the fullest? If that’s the case, you’ve come to the perfect place. Honista APK provides you with a unique user experience to elevate your surfing to a whole new level.

Most people who have spent a reasonable amount of time with mod apps or APKs, prefer them over any other type of base variant of the original application. The reason is the limitless possibilities it allows you and the freedom and control it provides. With the latest version of Honista APK, you can get a lot more privacy options along with better features allowing you to capitalize on the opportunities and surf the way you’d like to.

If you’re also someone who likes mod apps more than the original ones, you’ve certainly landed at the right place. Not only will we provide you with the latest Honista APK file but also guide you on the benefits and features of this amazing app.

Moreover, you will also get hands-on training to be able to run the app smoothly and get to know all the additional tools and features that you have been missing out on until now. If that sounds interesting, let’s dive right into it.

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What is Honista APK?

For those who haven’t had an idea yet, Honista is an APK variant of Instagram with a lot more benefits, features, and tools that enhance your experience on this app and open a new dynamic to internet usage.

Recently, all social media apps have adopted strict privacy policies that involve restrictions in so many avenues that you can’t even enjoy the basic internet surfing experience. Likewise, Instagram has also introduced newer restrictions and limitations to accounts and tightened up the privacy policy further cutting into the user’s freedom and interest.

For instance, the Instagram algorithm will not allow you to follow or unfollow more than 20-30 people a day. Once the limit is reached, it will not only restrict this facility for 24-48 hours but will also restrict any other type of activity such as being able to like or comment on the posts. While this might not sound too concerning for you, it surely is for new pages who want to grow using the f2f methodology.

Similarly, you can now only send 1 message to someone who is not in your follower/following and after that, you won’t be allowed to send any messages. Most people do think that this is good for privacy measures but let us tell you, it is not far away that Instagram introduces a paid premium version allowing all these facilities to the subscribers; some of which we already see in the subscription and paid promotions.

Hence, it would be safe to say that this is just a marketing strategy just like X (previously Twitter) by Instagram to frustrate people into buying their premium promotions. However, you will not have to go through that route if you would just use Honista.

Being a mod application, it allows you a lot more control over the surfing experience and also provides you with a lot more tools and facilities which the Instagram app will not.

Developed by third parties, it is the perfect enhancement of the basic Instagram model allowing you to take control of the entire experience and providing more selective privacy to you over others so you can always stay on top of what’s happening and ensure that your privacy is not compromised as well.

Honista Mod apk

When we talk about the features of the Honista Mod APK, the list is quite extensive. But you need not worry as we will provide all the details so that you have a better understanding of exactly what you will be getting from the app.

Timely Updates

There is no point in using an app that does not or can not get updated on time, right? Who wants to use an outdated app? One of the most promising features of the Honista APK is that you won’t have to worry about the app getting outdated. The development team ensures to keep on adding as many features as often as possible.

Apart from this, Honista mod app does not have any bugs. It is made sure that any bug that comes up is fixed as soon as possible and the experience remains smooth for you. This is also necessary because your privacy is kept at the utmost priority.

Therefore, regular updates are necessary to keep you safe and protected. The Honista team also makes sure that you are always informed whenever there is a new update. Hence, ensuring that you do not miss out on any new exciting features.

However, if you’re worried about the app bugging you each day regarding updates, do not worry as that won’t happen. Updates take place at regular intervals so that your user experience is not interrupted and also saved from getting spoiled due to bugs and other unwanted aspects.

If you want to check whether the app is updated or not, just follow the steps mentioned below and you’ll be able to check it for yourself:

  1. Go to settings in the Honista App
  2. Select the option that says “About Honista”.
  3. Look for the option “Check for a new update”
  4. Wait for some time and then if there is any update available it will show.

Security & Privacy

When it comes to these factors, the Honista app never disappoints you. While most of the APK apps are known for notorious activities, Honista ensures that your privacy and security are never compromised. Both within and outside the platform, you will be provided with ample security and privacy settings to continue your activities without any fear or interruption.

One of the main reasons for this is that any activity against the user’s privacy and the company policy will directly affect the huge clientele and the client satisfaction level which has been maintained until now.

Moving on to security and privacy within the platform, there are a number of features that help you surf Instagram in a secure and controlled environment.

Here are some of the features that we’re talking about:

  • Ability to change the app icon to make it appear as any other app e.g. notes, calculator, etc.
  • Hide or show the icon of chats in your toolbar.
  • Hide notifications from the app or show them at your convenience.
  • Hide or show notifications from hidden chats at your convenience.
  • Secure your personal chats with a pin, or fingerprint lock.
  • Ability to choose whether hidden chats will show or not whenever you unlock your conversations.
  • Set an application lock using a pin or your fingerprint.
  • Set an automatic time-lock on the app so it locks after a certain time period.
  • Choose whether the app lock icon will show in the notification or toolbar or not.

Ultimate Ghost Mode

Ever wanted to be an online ghost? Want to be able to go on anyone’s account unseen and view all the stuff? Well, if your answer is yes then Honista is going to fulfill this dream of yours.

The ultimate ghost mode allows you to get the best amount of privacy which no other app provides across all the social media platforms. Not only people won’t know of your presence on their accounts, they will not be able to track your activity as well.

This opens an endless world of opportunities. You can easily skim through your following’s stories and they won’t be able to check whether you saw the stories or not.

And not just your following, you can choose any random account and easily view all the stories and highlights without sending the seen status.

Furthermore, the ghost mode will also allow you to be able to read messages in private and group conversations without sending the seen status again. Besides, even if you play any voicemails, no one will get to know you as all your digital footprints and activities have been masked on the Honista mod apk.

In short, any online activity will not be shown nor tracked when you are using the Honista apk app. This is the best way to surf Instagram in a secure and private manner without attracting unwanted attention.


Another interesting feature of this amazing app is the amount of customization that is possible. Now some people might object that Instagram also allows you to modify the app according to your own liking but that is not entirely true.

Instagram will only allow you to choose between preset dark and light themes on the main interface of the app. However, when you move into personal or group conversations, you will then be able to customize it a little more by changing themes or colors.

Some critics might say that this is enough but we all know deep in our hearts that it’s not. All of us have always wanted to be able to customize the app completely according to our own likings and preferences. However, not always have we got that particular opportunity, did we?

But worry not as the Honista mod app solves this problem once and for all. It allows you the highest level of customization you could’ve expected from any mod app and more. Giving you complete control over all the possible options, Honista puts you in control of your user experience. Here are some of the many customization options available.

  • Ability to turn night or dark mode on/off manually as per your own convenience and shift smoothly in between them.
  • Change the entire app’s colors to a variety of 50 different colors using various themes available or create your own.
  • Ability to change the background of all the chats at once to a color, theme, or image of your choice.
  • Play between various different emojis with 10 different styles of conversation emojis on the platform.
  • Add your favorite fonts into the app to not only use in conversations but on the interface of the app as a whole.
  • Customize fonts in the stories and even add new ones according to your preference.

All of these factors allow you to change the app’s interface to whatever you like.

Filters for Ads & Content

Ads on any platform are the most annoying thing any user can experience. Not only do they interrupt your regular surfing but also are a nuisance to deal with when they come in a constant flow. Most of the social media and streaming platforms such as YouTube provide premium memberships for ad-free facilities.

However, no such thing has been introduced on Instagram yet. Even if they do, it will be paid which is certainly not suitable for most users. This is where Honista comes in, providing you with ad-blocking and filtering facilities.

Honista makes sure that you do not have to bear with unnecessary ads after every single post or story. Not only does this save you a lot of time but also keeps you from a lot of unwanted interactions.

This is very helpful for people who are impulsive shoppers and tend to buy whatever they see that is pleasing to the eye on the internet regardless of the functionality. The ad blocking and filtering feature will then allow them to restrict the ads and keep themselves from spending unnecessarily.

All the current Honista users have praised and enjoyed this feature as it has made their user experience much simpler and better. However, the fun does not end here, these are the filters you can apply:

  • Remove ads that are sponsored.
  • Make sure to not see suggested posts.
  • Remove suggestions for pages.
  • Activate anti-ads to block ads and advertisers.
  • View an anti-ads report to see the pages on which the feature is enabled.

Another prominent feature of the Honista is the filtering of content. While you might be able to install external ad blockers (which don’t work well when it comes to actually blocking ads) you can’t have any external way of filtering content on your feed.

But Honista takes things to the next level and ensures that you only see content from people and accounts that you want.

There is a lot of content that you can block or filter, such as:

  • Remove posts containing videos.
  • Remove posts containing pictures.
  • Remove private page posts.
  • Remove public page posts.
  • Remove posts you already liked.
  • Remove posts you already viewed.

Controlled internet consumption

One of the best features of having Honista instead of the basic Instagram app is that it provides you with control over data usage.

While Facebook does offer you a Lite version which does not use as much data such services are not readily available for Instagram. However, Honista allows you ample amount of control over the data usage so you can make sure to not burn your resources on social media only.

This is done by limiting the resolution of the images and videos and ensuring that data is only used when required. One of the best features that Honista mod APK’s latest version provides is that it limits the data usage in the background so you won’t be burning MBs when you are not using the platform.

Not only does this save you data but also boosts your battery life as well because the background usage and running of the apps are limited.

Besides, you can choose to download images, stories, and videos in the lowest quality available to ensure that the least amount of your data is being used.

Unlimited Downloading Facilities

Have you also been fed up with installing new apps every day to be able to download your favorite stories, reels, or posts? Are you also irritated by copying the links every time and then having to manually paste them into another app so that you can download the specific content you liked?

If your answer was yes to any one of these questions, Honista has got you covered. not only does it provide you with an on-click downloading solution, but also ensures that you don’t have to go through unnecessary steps.

Most of the downloading apps spam you with ads before you can download even a single reel. However, the Honista mod APK latest version allows you to get the right experience that you need. You have a lot of options when it comes to downloading.

You can choose between quality and resolution according to the file size that you want to keep on your device. Besides, you just have to do one click, and all the options will be in front of you.

Moreover, the downloaded files can be stored in any location on your device. You can change the storage location in the settings so that the downloaded media is always easily accessible to you.

Backup All your settings

Another noticeable feature of the Honista apk is that you can create an account and save all your settings over there. These settings will be backed up in your account and hence you won’t have to set it up again every time.

Not only does this save you from having to set the settings again every time you log in but also if you change the device. Hence, even if you log into Honista on any other device, you won’t have to set up everything all over again.

Honista For iOS

While most of the APK apps are not compatible with iOS users, this is not the case with Honista. As the platform values all users across all operating systems, there is a specific variant in the Honista apk latest version which allows you to download it on your iPhone as well.

The process might get a bit tricky due to the complications of iOS however, if you follow the downloading instructions, it will get sorted.


Is Honista APK available for Windows/Mac

Just like Android and iOS, Honista is also compatible with Windows and Mac as well so that you won’t have to limit your experience to smartphones only. Now you can enjoy all the features and facilities on your PC and laptop as well.

How To Download Honista APK?

The easiest way to download Honista on your Android or Windows
Open the link in your browser
Click on Download
Allow it to Install
Log in using your Instagram Credentials & enjoy

Is Honista available for Mac and iOS?

Yes definitely, the Honista app can be downloaded on all your iPhones or MAC devices. All you need to do is download it using the link and and install it externally as the file

Will Honista breach my privacy?

Honista has a strict privacy policy regarding its users. Unlike other conventional APK apps, Honista apk app ensures that your data and your privacy is never breached. This is made sure by strict end-to-end encryption of your conversation and not sharing your data with any third parties. Hence, you can sit back and relax as you’ve got nothing to worry about while surfing on the Honista app.


The Honista team has made sure that you get the best experience possible in your Instagram surfing. While you don’t have much control over the customization and privacy in the Insta app. Honista allows you to take complete control and takeover the app entirely to use it and run it the way you please.

If you’ve not used it until now, you are missing out on so much. The Honista apk latest version is so slick that many users have stopped using the base variant Instagram app altogether and shifted to Honista. Regardless of whether you have any experience with apk aps or not, this is the right time to take a start and enjoy all the useful and additional features that it provides.

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