How to Cancel Spotify Premium On The App?

Spotify is an awesome music app and you get unlimited access to millions of tracks. We test it out here and here.

This tutorial is for you if you’re looking for a way to cancel Spotify premium on the app. Learn how to cancel Spotify and get your money back easily. Spotify is the best source to listen to music online or offline.

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The most common reason for canceling Spotify premium is that you are not a devoted fan of the platform. And in this article, we will discuss a simple way to help you cancel Spotify premium on your iPhone or Android smartphone.

How to Cancel Spotify Premium on Android?

The premium service offers a lot of benefits and it’s something that you should definitely try out if you are into music. The only drawback with using the premium service is that it is quite expensive. If you don’t want to use this service anymore, then you need to know how to cancel Spotify Premium on Android.

To cancel Spotify Premium, go to the Spotify app on your Android device.

Step1. Tap on the three dots in the top-right corner of your screen to open the menu, then tap Account.

Step2. Tap Manage subscription under Payments & Billing to go to your account page with full details about your current plan and billing info for both you and any family members who use Spotify under your household account

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Step3. Select Your account and tap Cancel subscription. You’ll see a box asking you to confirm your cancellation; tap Cancel subscription again and wait for your subscription to end.

How to Cancel Spotify Premium on a Desktop?

Spotify Premium is a paid membership that gives you the option to download music and listen to it offline. You can also listen to Spotify Radio, which has stations dedicated to genres of music.

How to Cancel Spotify Premium on iPhone?

You can cancel your Spotify Premium subscription at any time. You can do this on the desktop website or in the Spotify app. 

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  1. Open Spotify on your computer, phone, or tablet and log in using your email address and password, or by connecting with Facebook or Google+. 
  2. Once you’re signed in, tap on “Your Library” at the bottom of the screen, then choose “Account Settings.” 
  3. Scroll down to where it says “Subscription Status” and click on “Cancel Membership.” 
  4. You’ll be asked why you want to cancel; select one of the options.
  5. And Click on the Done button. 

Cancel Spotify Premium on iPhone?

If you’ve recently canceled your Spotify Premium membership, you might be wondering if it’s possible to cancel Spotify Premium on your iPhone. There are a few different ways to do this, depending on how long ago you canceled your subscription.

1. Open your iPhone’s Settings app and tap on “Privacy”.

2. Tap on “Spotify” to open your Spotify profile page.

3. Tap on “Manage Offerings” from the list of options to cancel your subscription, then tap on “Cancel Premium”.

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4. Confirm that you want to cancel your subscription by tapping “Cancel Subscription”.

5. Enter your password or use Touch ID to verify your identity, then tap View Apple ID.

6. Scroll down to Subscriptions and select Manage next to your subscription.

7. Tap Cancel Subscription and confirm it by tapping Cancel Subscription again.

How to Cancel Spotify Premium via Apple ID?

Spotify Premium is one of the most popular music streaming services with millions of songs and millions of users. If you want to cancel a Spotify account via Apple ID then follow this article to know how to do it.

Step 1: Open iTunes on your computer or Mac device and log into your Apple ID account that is used to purchase the subscription plan.

Step 2: Once logged in, click on Account > Subscriptions where you will see all the subscriptions associated with your Apple ID account. 

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Step 3: Click on the Manage button next to the Spotify subscription plan (e.g., 3 months free trial) which has been purchased by you previously, or ask for help from our support team if you are unable.

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Step 4: Scroll down to the Subscriptions section, then select Manage underneath Spotify Premium (or whichever subscription you’re canceling).

Step 5: Tap Cancel Subscription at the bottom of the screen and confirm your decision when prompted.

Final Words

It is a very easy if you want to cancel your Spotify Premium subscription to the app. Head to the Account Settings and scroll down to the Your Subscriptions section. From here, you can tap “Cancel Plan”, and you’ll be taken to Google Play where you can confirm the cancellation of your subscription service.


How do I cancel my Spotify Premium on mobile?

If you’re on iOS, you can cancel your subscription from within the app. Open up Spotify, tap “More,” then “Account” and select the option to cancel. On Android, head to the Account page of the app and tap “Manage subscription.”

Can you cancel Spotify on the app?

Yes! You can manage your Spotify subscription directly from within the app. Just open up Spotify, tap “More,” then “Account” and select the option to cancel. You’ll be asked whether you’d like to be billed again next month.

How do I manage my Spotify subscription on the app?

To check your billing status or adjust your payment information, open up Spotify and tap “More,” then “Account” in order to see all of your subscriptions and options for managing them. From here you can see current billing information as well as any available options for paying off your remaining balance — including setting up automatic payments so that it doesn’t fall through again next month!

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