How to Use Spotify Without WiFi?

Spotify is a service that provides online music. It contains much of the music in the world, but you need to install it on your computer. This means you have to download it, which means you need an internet connection.


However, to reduce the use of mobile data, you can use Spotify offline, which means that you can listen to all the tracks without WiFi. We will tell you how you can do it!

Different Methods to Play Spotify Music Without WiFi

Spotify is the most popular music streaming service in the world. If you’re a Spotify user, then you can listen to all the songs on your smartphone or computer without connecting to Wi-Fi.

However, if you want to listen to Spotify’s music offline, there are a few things you need to know first. you should also check how to connect Spotify to Alexa.

Method 1: Using Spotify Offline Mode on Multiple Devices (Premium)

1. Download Spotify music, playlist, or podcast by clicking the Download button next to each track or album.

2. Open the Spotify app and tap on My Library at the bottom left corner of your screen. From there, tap on My Music and select Downloaded only. This will ensure that all of your downloaded songs appear in one place rather than spread across multiple tabs within My Library.

Spotify apk

3. Tap on any song or album from My Music and play it until the end; this will ensure that the entire track has been downloaded onto your device’s storage space before moving on to the next track so as not to waste data when streaming audio files over cellular networks or Wi-Fi connections during playback sessions that are not necessarily stable enough for reliable audio playback yet still require additional data usage for buffering purposes anyway due to server lag.

4. Go back to My Music, tap on any song or an album again, then tap on Downloaded Music at the top-right of the screen (or tap on Downloads in the bottom-left corner if you’re using a Samsung Galaxy S7 phone). This will open up your device’s built-in music player where you can start playing your recently downloaded audio files immediately without having to wait for them to finish downloading.

Method 1: Download Spotify Songs/Playlist/Podcast for Offline Enjoy (Spotify Paid)

If you have a Spotify Premium account, you can download any song or playlist on your computer or mobile phone for offline listening anytime and anywhere.

Step 1. Open Spotify and log in with your account information.

Step 2. Click Your Library at the top of the window. Then click Playlists at the top of the next page if you want to download an individual playlist; otherwise, click Library at the top of the next page if you want to download an entire library of songs or albums instead.

Download Spotify Songs/Playlist/Podcast for Offline

Step 3. Find the song(s) or album(s) that you want to download, then right-click on them and select the Download option from the dropdown menu; alternatively, right-click on an artist name and select Download All option from the dropdown menu if you want to download all songs in this artist’s

Method 2: Download Spotify Track/Playlist/Podcast for Offline Enjoy (Spotify Free)

Step 1. Run Sidify Music Converter

Step 2. You can add tracks, playlists, or podcasts to Spotify

Step 3. Setting Up the Output Parameters

In this step, you can choose the downloaded Spotify music’s output format, quality, and output path. If you want low-quality audio files, you can choose MP3 as the output format with a 128kbps bitrate; if you want high-quality audio files, you can choose WAV as the output format with a 320kbps bitrate. Besides you can also set the output folder by clicking the “Browse” button next to the “Output Folder” option.

Download Spotify Track/Playlist/Podcast for Offline

Step 4. Download Spotify songs or podcasts

After setting up all parameters above, just hit the “Convert” button to start downloading Spotify music for offline listening on your Mac computer freely!

Final words

There are many reasons that a user might want to use Spotify without wifi, including being on vacation, banning data roaming on a mobile plan, or just liking to keep options open when it comes to listening to music. One way to do this is by downloading your favorite music onto your computer and then transferring the files onto your mobile device. This method only works if you have the storage capacity for all of the music you want to listen to offline.


How can I listen to Spotify when offline?

You can download songs, albums, and playlists for offline listening on Android devices by going into the app’s Settings menu, then tapping ‘Downloaded Music. This will take you through a few steps where you’ll be able to choose exactly what you want to be saved for offline use.

Why can’t I play Spotify offline?

Spotify offers several ways for you to enjoy music without an Internet connection: downloading music for offline playback, watching videos on YouTube without using data, and playing games like Pac-Man and Snake.

Does Spotify work in airplane mode?

Yes! You don’t need any internet connection at all to use Spotify. You just need to go into airplane mode before taking off (or switch it off once you’re safely cruising at 35,000 feet). Once you’re connected to WiFi again, your app will sync back up with the servers and grab any new music or playlist updates in the background.

How can I listen to music on a plane without WIFI?

If you have a subscription account with an active data plan, then all you need is the time! Your songs will be stored locally within your device until they expire (usually one week). If your subscription expires or if you don’t have enough room left on your device for more songs.

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