Storekeeper Job in Dubai 2024: Manage Inventory & Organize Supplies: Visa Sponsorship

Storekeeper Job In Dubai

Do you like keeping things organized and make sure everything runs smoothly? If yes, then the Storekeeper job at Silver Sands Beach in Dubai might be just right for you! Join The First Group, a top real estate company in Dubai, as a Storekeeper. With a high rating of 4.4 out of 5, The First Group is known for excellence and innovation. This job offers a great career in the lively city of Dubai.

Job Description

The Storekeeper at Silver Sands Beach is key to keeping things running smoothly. You will handle storing and giving out supplies, making sure they always have enough of everything. You will also keep careful records of all items.

Job Position

  • Storekeeper

Company Overview

The First Group is a top real estate company known for great properties in the Middle East. Silver Sands Beach in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, shows their skill in making beautiful living spaces. For over 60 years, it has grown from a family spot to a place that brings the community together and respects nature.

Job Requirements

1. Keep Track of Inventory

Make sure you always know how much stock you have. Keep it at the right level to avoid shortages or excess.

2. Receive and Check Deliveries

When you get new items, check them carefully. Make sure they match the order in both quality and quantity.

3. Distribute Stock

Give out supplies to different departments as needed. Make sure they get what they need on time and accurately.

4. Keep Good Records

Write down every inventory transaction. This includes when you receive, distribute, or return items.

5. Organize Storage

Keep storage areas neat and tidy. Make sure everything is stored safely and can be easily found.

6. Do Regular Stock Audits

Check your stock regularly to find any mistakes. This helps keep your inventory accurate.

7. Order Supplies

Work with your buying team to reorder items when needed. This ensures you always have essential supplies.

8. Manage Waste

Keep an eye on waste and expired items. Dispose of them properly and follow all rules and regulations.

9. Prepare Reports

Create and submit inventory reports. Share insights and ideas for improving inventory management.

10. Follow Safety Rules

Make sure all storage areas follow safety and health regulations. Keep the environment clean and organized.

Desired Skills & Expertise

  • Experience: At least one year working in a similar job in a hotel or hospitality.
  • Inventory Skills: Proven experience in managing inventory or similar tasks.
  • Organization: Good at organizing tasks and managing time to meet deadlines.
  • Communication: Strong skills in speaking and writing for good teamwork with partner and suppliers.
  • Software Skills: Good with inventory management software and Microsoft Office.
  • Problem-Solving: Actively spots and fixes inventory issues.
  • Physical Ability: Can lift and move moderately heavy items and handle tasks that need physical effort.
  • Teamwork: Works well with different departments to meet their inventory needs.

Salary And Benefits

They offer a good salary based on your skills and experience. You will get full health insurance, chances to grow in your career, and many days off. They give discounts on their products and services too.

Visa Sponsorship

The First Group helps suitable candidates move to Dubai. They offer visa sponsorship, making the transition easy for international applicants.

How to Apply

To apply for the Storekeeper position at The First Group, go to their careers page and fill out the online application. Remember to attach your application and a cover letter that shows your skills and work experience.

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Q1: What are the working times for the Storekeeper position?

A : The Storekeeper works from 9 AM to 6 PM, Sunday to Thursday. Sometimes, extra hours may be needed based on the work requirements.

Q2: Is previous experience in the hospitality industry mandatory?

A : While it is helpful to have experience in hospitality, they also consider candidates with strong inventory skills from other fields.


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