Is Spotify Premium Worth It?

There are so many music and video streaming services available today. It’s hard to choose which one is best for you. The market is saturated, but not all of the services are equal. Is Spotify Premium worth it? That depends on you and what you’re looking for from a music streaming service.

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If you want to listen to your favorite artists and songs, then yes an unlimited plan is worth it, and this article will explain why!

Is Spotify Premium Worth It? (7 Reasons)

Spotify Premium is a paid subscription service that allows users to listen to and download music offline, as well as access a vast library of music.

Is Spotify Premium Worth It? (7 Reasons)

1. Listen to and download music offline

If you’re on the go and want to listen to your favorite songs without having to stream them, Spotify Premium could be worth it for you. With Spotify Premium, you can download all of your favorite albums or playlists onto your smartphone so you can listen to them without an internet connection.


2. Various Music Options Available

Spotify has a huge selection of music available for streaming or downloading on their mobile app and desktop software program. You can use their search engine to look up any song, artist, or album by name or browse through the different genres they offer such as hip-hop, pop, or rock.

3. Using Spotify Connect

Spotify Connect allows users to connect their phones to other devices such as TVs, speakers, and more so they can listen to their favorite playlists through those devices instead of just through their phones. This feature only works with iOS devices at this time but will soon be available on Android devices as well!

How to Find Music Using Spotify?

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4. Unlimited Listening

Spotify has millions of songs available — more than most people could listen to in a lifetime — so there’s no shortage of variety. You can search for any artist you want and find everything from their latest single to their greatest hits album from decades ago. You can also filter by genre or decade so that all your favorite songs are.

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5. Music Can Be Shared With Friends

One of the great things about Spotify Premium is that if you have a family plan, you can share your music with up to three family members for free. This means that if you have a family member who doesn’t like listening to the same music as you but also doesn’t want to pay for their own account, they can still use your account! This comes in especially handy when traveling or going on vacation with friends or family who doesn’t live near you. You can share playlists and albums with them and let them listen to whatever they want while still keeping your own favorite songs private.

6. You can play full albums

Spotify Premium subscribers have access to all music on the platform, including albums, single tracks, and playlists. This means you can listen to full albums from your favorite artists — and not just a handful of their hit singles.

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7. Affordable With Multiple Packages Available

Spotify Premium comes in three tiers: $9.99 for students (which includes a few extra features), $4.99 for individuals (the most popular option), and $14.99 for families of up to six people (which allows for multiple devices). While each tier offers different features, all include ad-free listening and offline playback with no mobile data charges when using Spotify Connect on mobile devices!

Spotify Premium Offers Great Value

Spotify has been around for years and is still going strong. The service offers great value in the form of a free, ad-supported tier and a paid subscription tier that removes ads and offers offline listening. As of March 2019, Spotify has over 140 million active users, with more than 40 million of them paying for their music subscriptions.

How to Download and Install Spotify Premium APK?

The premium version of Spotify gives users access to all of the music they want without having to worry about mobile data usage or pesky ads playing in between songs. It also allows you to download music for offline use on mobile devices so that you can enjoy your favorite tracks even when you’re not connected to the internet. That’s where Spotify Premium comes in handy for audiophiles who want to listen to high-quality audio files stored locally on their devices.

Is Spotify Premium Worth $9.99?

One of the best things about Spotify is that it’s so easy to use. You can search for artists, albums, and songs using keywords or phrases instead of scrolling through lists — like on Pandora or YouTube Music. You can also create playlists based on your favorite bands or genres of music and share them with friends on Facebook and Twitter.

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Final Words

Spotify Premium is the premium music streaming service from Spotify and it’s a pretty good deal. The main reason I say this is because Spotify has become the de facto way to listen to music on your phone.

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